他們說,這就是天氣的可怕影響…零下二、三十度的寒冬,可以很深切地改變一個人的。為了讓我自已振作起來,我和另一個產假在家的新媽咪,共同發起了一個”Lady’s group " ,每週一次,來幫助自已能夠開始創作。這就是我開始重拾畫筆的動力囉!

I am Sharon, Jessica and I am trying to start a lady's group, could be new mons , colud be housewifes or ladies who interested in art and cooking.
Here are some important things in this group:
1. Hang out together and friendships. I know a new mon or for the ladies who has no jobs could be very boring sometimes( just like me!)specially in winter time.
2.Fun and art . Personally I would like to pick up my drawing or sketch very much, and Jessica wants to finish the scrapbook as a gift for her family which she planed long ago. But we both find out it's difficult to do it without  friends and a support team. So in this group , it's not like you always need to find something to talk about, you can bring your craft, bring your musical instruments you always want to practice and enjoy with us.
3. Cooking and try new deserts. I have some 2011 new plans, one of them is to try new baking and make deserts. I would like to share the new deserts with the group.(By the way, I have excellent reputation in cookin and baking! ) we can experience different culture in this easy way!
We welcome you to bring something different to us too. Maybe a new dish you just learn how to cook , maybe a song you like very much, maybe the new trip experience you want to share with us. 
The group will be start in Jan 12 14:00-17:00pm, every Wednesday afternoon. 
Adress: Brandon
If you like to join us, please contact Sharon :  
Happy new year 2011 for everyone!

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